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What had happened waz! In Jax Beach 1999, Nick was introduced to skateboarding.


He later realized that skateboarding needed to be a part of his life. In the year 2005, he was inspired by the Z-Boys. After watching the movie Lords Of Dogtown, he had found his calling. Once he was inspired by the Z-boys style he set out to ride like them. Nick would go on extensive searches to locate a board like the ones they made at the "Zepher Shop" ... he came up with nothing. So he said to himself, "Well then, guess I'll make one." So with the help and supervision of his father he began designing his own board. Not long after, he started getting inquiries of orders from friends and family.


This is what the Neezy Krew called their "trial and error" stage. In early 2012, Nick had decided what he really wanted to do with his life. He wanted to build a company with his two buds (Geo & Gee) that would be family and skater owned, designing boards where they can be fully personalized by the boarder. 

We get that question a lot since we are the only longboard company that puts handgrips on the custom longboards. Like many of you, we found it difficult to keep a nice deck from being stolen. We discussed several different ways to make a locking mechanism, most of which centered around the trucks; however, just securing the trucks doesn't keep the deck safe (which with a Neezy Bordz, the deck is the most important part!) Trucks and wheels are easily replaced. We designed the handgrips in a way that any bicycle lock will fit through the handgrips and secure the deck to any permanent structure. We also strategically placed the handgrips on the board so when you hold the grip, the board is balanced from front to back. This is particularly important when carrying a 5 or 6 foot board. If you like to carve hard you will love how the board responds when you pull up on the handgrip.   

WAIT... WHAT ABOUT THE GRIP?! We top off our boards with a mixture of polyurethane and natural Florida beach sand. Every board comes with our LIFETIME WARRANTY on the grip and a 6 month warranty against any defects in the wood. Every Neezy Bord is uniquely numbered- this is to ensure that our riders are KEEPIN' IT NICE N'EEZY!